Nikki Deveruex – Photographer

Joanna Coblentz is one of the most hard-working people I know. She is spassionate about her work that she wouldn’t think twice about working straight through many a sleepless night. She is decisive and intelligent, and one of the best managers I have seen in action. Because of her decisiveness and assertiveness, people listen when she speaks. She knows how to delegate duties and keep a team working to get the job done. This skill has allowed her to orchestrate many events of epic proportions. In addition to her strong personality, Joanna is incredibly creative. Her work is stunning, her styling unique. She repurposes vintage finds, so her work is also environmentally sound. Joanna Coblentz is nothing short of a Renaissance Woman, with many talents and so much drive, I am certain she will continue to take the fashion and art world by storm.




kristy2Kristy Wasniewski – Client

I have known Joanna Coblentz for two years. We met while she was working and designing clothing at a her boutique called Sweatshop in downtown St. Pete. I bought two of her customized [Dollface] pieces from the store. Since then, I have brought her some of my old jackets and shirts to alter and re-design for me. The custom pieces that she has done for me are fantastic and I have a new found love for all of my old clothing. Instead of throwing away stuff that I never thought I would or could wear again because of changes in size or the clothing being damaged, I bring those items to Joanna and we talk about how we can turn it into something new. The items she has altered and customized for me are punk rock, unique, and I get complimented every time I go out wearing anything Dollface. Joanna is a brilliant seamstress, artist, and has become a trusted friend of mine. She is an easy-going and open-minded person, which makes any collaborative work we do seem effortless and the results are always stunning. Therefore, I highly recommend Joanna Coblentz for any work in fashion or visual artistry, because her creative eye is unique and her talent is insurmountable.



maggieMaggie Chadwick  – Model

I have gotten to know Joanna very well over the past year in a variety of capacities. Professionally, I have modeled for her in several of her fashion shows, and she has also done some custom design work for me. Personally, Joanna has become a very good friend of mine.
Joanna is organized, efficient, creative, and passionate about her many projects. She is actively involved in many events in the downtown St. Petersburg area. I am very selective with the designers that I work with, and whenever Joanna has her hand in something, it is sure to be a success. She is very appreciative and generous when working with others. Her innovative concepts and originality set her apart from the rest.



landonLandon Richmond – Artist

I have been a full time artist for 6 years now, pursuing countless shows, projects, and events. This obviously has me working with a variety of people, but in all my years, none of those people can hold a candle to vivid beacon of light Joanna holds with her dedication, work ethic, passion, and ability to bring people together.
She has a rare gift to bring the best out of people with her only desire to see them shine, and that in itself is an inspiration to her.
On top of all those amazing qualities, she has a true talent for crafting a style completely unique through her creations, which screams rock&roll yet whispers elegance, with a small dash of surrealism.
Anyone to work with Joanna will quickly realize all these qualities, and find working with her to be a truly pleasurable and unforgettable experience.